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  • Frog Eyes / PS I Love You / Skinny Bones

    Friday, August 22, 2014, 8:00 pm
    939 Boylston Street
    Boston Massachusetts 02115 [Map]
    Frog Eyes / PS I Love You / Skinny Bones

    Post-punk collective Frog Eyes' music combines a carnival atmosphere, frenetic energy, and diabolical scheming to produce an atmosphere of psychedelic unease.


    Victoria, British Columbia, quartet Frog Eyes are the antithesis of its quiet Canadian village. Utilizing the carnival atmosphere of Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits, the frenetic energy of vintage Cramps, and the diabolical scheming of pre-Murder Ballads Nick Cave, the post-punk collective created an atmosphere of psychedelic unease with its 2002 full-length debut, The Bloody Hand.

    Lead singer Carey Mercer, who mined similar territories in his previous group, Blue Pine, leads the indie rock ensemble, which also includes his wife, Melanie Campbell; Grayson Walker; and Michael Rak. In 2003, after the critical success of The Bloody Hand, the group released the enigmatic Golden River on the Animal World label, resulting in another flurry of raves and a newly minted fan base. They signed to Absolutely Kosher the following year and released their strongest record to date, the volatile and charismatic Folded Palm, as well as the lo-fi acoustic EP Ego Scriptor. Other records include Tears of the Valedictorian (2007) and Paul's Tomb: A Triumph (2010). In 2014, the band issued the appropriately titled Carey's Cold Spring, a nine-track collection of new material that reflected Mercer's recent throat cancer diagnosis, as well as the passing of his father.

    PS I Love You is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2006 in Kingston. The band is signed to Canadian independent record label Paper Bag Records. The band is a duo, with Paul Saulnier on vocals/guitar/bass pedals and Benjamin Nelson on drums.

    Skinny Bones is a folktronica duo from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The band explores the boundaries between acoustic and electronic, organic and inorganic sounds, and organized recording and field recording—all without losing sight of a pop framework. Both in studio and on stage, Skinny Bones is constantly looking for new ways to create sounds, doing everything from playing a sack of coins to singing into a guitar.

    Watch Frog Eyes' official video of "The Sensitive Girls" here:

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  • Rocco DeLuca

    Thursday, September 4, 2014, 8:00 pm
    939 Boylston Street
    Boston Massachusetts 02115 [Map]

    Rocco DeLuca revels in a spirited spontaneity and intimacy no doubt achieved through many an inspired home recording session among friends.


    Rocco DeLuca’s self-titled release is his second album for 429 Records and his fourth LP overall. Produced by seven-time Grammy-winner Daniel Lanois, DeLuca builds upon the brooding and haunting mood of his last solo album, 2011’s Drugs ‘N’ Hymns. DeLuca recently hosted recording sessions in his East Hollywood bedroom with a number of notable local musicians, “local folks and family,” including drummer Oliver Charles (Ben Harper), guitarist and vocalist Christian Letts (Edward Sharpe), bassist Seth-Ford Young (Edward Sharpe), violinist Odessa Jorgensen, bassist Gus Siefert (The Black Keys, Beck), vocalist Soko, and drummers Josh Collazo (Edward Sharpe) and Jonathan Wright. Whereas Drugs ‘n’ Hymns was notable for its spare, quiet intensity and attention to the darker side of things, DeLuca revels in a spirited spontaneity and intimacy no doubt achieved through many an inspired (and oftentimes unacknowledged) home recording session among friends.

    Watch DeLuca perform "Save Yourself" live here:

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  • Black Prairie / Kristin Andreassen / Frank Fairfield

    Monday, September 8, 2014, 8:00 pm
    939 Boylston Street
    Boston Massachusetts 02115 [Map]
    Black Prairie / Kristin Andreassen / Frank Fairfield
    Black Prairie

    Black Prairie is an Americana band from Portland, Oregon with a dose of Led Zeppelin-inspired rock energy. Kristin Andreassen is a talented singer-songwriter best known for her catchy song "Crayola Doesn't Make a Color for Your Eyes."


    Black Prairie is a band with its own character, momentum, and style though describing that style has become increasingly difficult. “I gave up a long time ago,” says guitarist Jon Neufeld of the Portland, Oregon-based band, which formed in 2007 when Chris Funk gathered local musicians for a chance to write music and play instruments he wasn’t utilizing in his role as guitarist in the Decemberists.

    Black Prairie’s recent material adds a dose of Led Zeppelin-inspired rock energy to its Americana roots.

    Watch a music video for Black Prairie’s “Let It Out” here:

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    Kristin Andreassen is a diverse musician who has toured three continents, playing festival stages as big as Bonnaroo, living in rooms smaller than a train car, and everything in between. The influence of traditional music is still strong Andreassen’s writing. Her catchy song “Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color For Your Eyes,” which opens her solo album Kiss Me Hello, was inspired by an old-fashioned pattycake rhythm. “Crayola” won the John Lennon Song Contest Grand Prize for Children’s music, has been covered by choirs and marching bands, and remains a favorite on kids’ radio. 

    Watch Kristin Andreassen’s music video for “Crayola” here:

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    Fresno, California native Frank Fairfield is a banjo-picker, fiddle-hummer, and song-singer. Grayson Currin of Pitchfork writes, "Fairfield is worthy of your consideration, even if you’ve never heard or considered the old-time music. He plays with a rare integrity, offering up his life in a way that does exactly what folk music must do– it relates the world as the singer sees it, mixing sadness with sweetness, excitement with low-down and miserable depression. This has nothing to do with genre; hip-hop, jazz and rock all feel this way, too. Like the best of it all, Fairfield’s music seems inexorably real and entirely necessary."

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