For Bands

by tmara.

How do I get a gig at The Red Room @ Cafe 939?

Keep in mind that generally we book shows at a minimum of two to three months in advance, so plan ahead and email early. Send a brief email to with the subject line as follows: name of act/requested dates.

Include your social media or website links.  Please not mail press kits or CDs. Electronic communication is the preferred method.

We receive countless requests from all level of artists. We try our very best to accommodate everyone but simply have only so many nights available. Please understand that we cannot always respond to every email. We respectfully request no more than two booking inquiries per band—one initial and one follow-up.

Can I stop by your office to see if you got my booking request?

No. Although your company may be delightful, we do not accept walk-in inquiries regarding booking requests; we are available by email only, no phone calls please.

What types of music do you book?

We are “genre-blind” and play host to a broad range of musical/artistic tastes. Keep in mind we are an all-ages venue with a capacity of 200 standing room. No alcohol is permitted; consider that so that there are no surprises.

Can I sell my merchandise during my show at The Red Room @Cafe 939?

Yes. Artists sell and keep 100 percent of their sales. The Red Room @ Cafe 939 does not provide an in-house seller; if you need one please request them during your advance and note that a fee will be required. Space is limited, so please bring only what you need.

Do you have backline equipment my band can use?

No. Bring your own equipment. However, space is limited, so please discuss all equipment needs with our production manager when you advance your show. Bands may need to share equipment when possible. An in-house piano is available upon request to the production manager.

I’ve booked a show at The Red Room @ Cafe 939. Now what?

Read our show guidelines.